Shelby Johnson a.k.a "Shelby J" travels all over the world singing and sharing her gift of music with others!  

R&B Singer Shelby "J" Signs autographs at Star Power Charity's "Mother's Day Makeover for Homeless and Abused Women" event

R&B Singer Shelby "J" Signs autographs at Star Power Charity's "Mother's Day Makeover for Homeless and Abused Women" event

Shelby has traveled the world with late Legendary Music Icon "Prince" and cemented her place in his Royal Music Magic! That was a wonderful adventure all on its own! But with a few phone calls and shifting of her schedule, Ms. Shelby Johnson made it a point to travel to be a part of Star Power Charity's "Mother's Day Makeover for Homeless and Abused Women!"  

Star Power Charity always invite a celebrity guest to participate in our programs.  Ms. "Shelby J" expressed sincere excitement and said she would be honored to be Star Power Charity's celebrity guest for our "Mother's Day Makeover for Homeless and Abused Women."  A Shining Star in her own right, "Shelby J" took time out of her busy schedule to spend the day encouraging and catering to the abused and homeless women.

Our volunteer stylists and barbers provided our guest participants with new hairstyle treatments, makeup makeovers, and nail pedicures.  Brunch from our food sponsors and gently used clothing items donated by the community.  

It is because of celebrities like "Shelby J," community volunteers and companies like Rock Bottom Brewery, Target, Kangaroo, Status Entertainment Agency, Carde & Co., Enterprise Rental, Treatment Salon, Applebaum Beauty, Celebrity Charity MagazineCostco, Walmart, Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Lowe's that this program is a success!  Star Power Charity, our Celebrity Guests and sponsors are committed to helping these women by giving them the needed life essential  to be a success and to make these women feel and look like Stars!

Star Power Charity  is appreciative for the participation of  the community businesses, volunteer stylist and barbers, nail techs, guest speakers and salon facility providers for always making our "Mother's Day Makeover Program for Homeless and Abused Women," a success. We are always open to new businesses, Salons, volunteers, donated clothing, and donated products for our special mothers.  If you are interested in providing any of the above mentioned items to our 501 C 3 Non-Profit, please email us at or call us 310-853-0363.