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"Bears, Books & Buddies" is Star Power Charity's Program that gives NEW Teddy Bears to children who are experiencing a traumatic medical or life event.

It is Star Power Charity's goal to provide NEW teddy bears to children so they can have a "Buddy" while experiencing some of life's tough challenges.  

We believe the bears provide the "friendship" and "companionship" that many of these children need while going through their stressful life experiences.

"Bears, Books & Buddies" is a special program because most children instantly connect with a teddybear or "Buddy" when they are experiencing difficult or traumatic experiences.  Even as adults, we can remember our favorite stuffed animal that we cherished!

"Bears, Books & Buddies" loves being there for children to help them be happy and give them a trustworthy and confident friend.  We like helping children bond with their new "Buddy" so they don't have to focus on the medical trauma they are experiencing.  You can make a difference in the life of a deserving child.  Donate a New teddy bear today!

"Bears, Books & Buddies" is happy to be partner with hospitals and care centers helping children.  We have partnered in the past with The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, NC, The Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency, The Hope and Faith Harvest Organization, The Children of God Full Gospel Ministries, The SkyyKings and SkyQueens of American Airlines, etc.  

At our "Bears,Books & Buddies" program, we will provide the child recipients from the agency with NEW Teddy Bears and Children's Books.  We want to give them these valuable tools to help them when they are suffering through tough pain crisis.  

Please help us and our mascot "Star Bear" to provide children with a Teddybear buddy!  

Donate a NEW teddybear or make a financial donation Today!

You can make a Financial Donation to Star Power Charity at the Donation Button at the bottom of the page to the charity PayPal Account.

Please mail your Teddy Bear  to:

Star Power Charity

C/O Tammie Tolbert 

5725 Carnegie Blvd. #301

Charlotte, NC 28209