Star Power Charity is a 501 c 3 Non-Profit Organization that helps children and young adults from low-income families by providing them with needed life essentials & educational awareness.  We often work with celebrity guests who use their "Star Power" to help others.

Star Power Charities programs like "Classic Cuts 4 Kids!," "Bears, Books & Buddies," "Mother's Day Makeover for Homeless & Abused Women," "Father's Day Fresh Up," "Heart & Sole," "Sean's Closet," "Coat off My Back," were developed to provide children and young adults from low-income families with important life essentials. 

Star Power Charity's Founder, Tammie Tolbert states, "The basic needed life essentials of food, shelter, clothing, etc., aren't always available or accessible to families so, Star Power Charity was created to help provide those necessary life items and educational tools to help give children and young adults a chance at being successful citizens. 

Star Power Charity strives to be a catalyst that effects children and young adults in a positive way.  

Tolbert works with the very creative and talented Music ProducerClothing Designer, Poet Carde' Cardea.  Their combined compassion for others, creative talents, and tangible ideas created the platform to build Star Power Charity.  With Star Power Charity in existence, they strive to help children and young adults receive happiness and opportunities.  They hope to shine a light into the lives of the people they serve through Star Power Charity and make the recipients feel like stars!

“A woman is walking along a beach filled with Starfish.  One by one she is picking up starfish and throwing them back into the water.  A little girl comes along and says, “Lady, it’s too many of them to save.”  The woman picks up another Starfish and throws it back into the ocean and replies to the little girl, “I know, but I just saved that one.”

HOW will YOU use YOUR "STAR POWER" to help others?